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Hello there!

Thank you for entering the free engagement session experience with TK&Photography!

Please fill out the form below to enter to get a chance to win a FREE 2-HOUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION with TK&Photography.

Winners will be contacted by email and text messages within four weeks of entering the contest.


Win a FREE Engagement Session


Please Fill Out the Form Below

Do you have a wedding photographer booked for your wedding day?
Do I have permission to text you?
Our wedding photography budget is:
Where are you in your booking process?
How did you hear about us?

Please accept these terms and conditions:

  • Winning couples will receive a 2-hour engagement session valued at $1,000. The couple and the Photographer will determine the location for the engagement session.

  • Entries are only open to Newly Engaged couples who DO NOT have a Wedding Photographer.

  • Photos or Videos from the engagement session might be used for commercial purposes.

  • Shooting will be scheduled within two months from the winner's announcement.

  • Winners will be chosen based on answers from questionnaires or at random if deemed necessary, then notified via text message or email.

  • Winning couples are required to sign a model release form for images to be used as marketing material for the Photographer.

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